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The Esix Consulting Team is made up of independent specialist consultants many of whom have worked in the IT security arena for over 20 years.

Unlike many IT Security Consultants, who have little or no practical experience in this area, our consultants have wide-ranging knowledge of security related issues gained over many years of working with central government, police forces, and commercial organisations.

We also have extensive experience in designing corporate security policies and procedures, to provide a complete security framework for your organisation.

When responding to security incidents, many organisations are too involved in the incident itself, and fail to see the bigger picture. Not only does the incident need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, but evidence also needs to be preserved.

Because we operate as independent consultants, we bring with us a wealth of experience from a wide range of organisations and industries including Central Government and Financial Institutions, large multinational companies, and smaller organisations such as charities and travel companies.

Our Philosophy

Network security is a business wide issue and not just a problem for the IT manager. It requires specialist skills to design, review and implement best security practice.

IT has moved on from being a small fringe part of a business in the 1990’s, to playing a business critical role in all modern organisations. Efficient communications and information flow are now recognized as crucial to all modern companies.

At Esix we worked through this transition, and understand that whilst IT is not the core part of your business, it does play a vital role. We have dealt with many organisations that have lost parts of their business communications networks, either through hacking or natural disaster, and have experienced the havoc it can cause.

Esix consultants bring an objectivity, which those close to an organisation are incapable of achieving. A neutral assessment of the security provisions of a company, help an overworked IT department provide a better service to the organisation concerned, and ultimately to its’ customers.

We are also used to dealing with people both at a technical level, and at a senior management and board level.  This is of paramount importance. Many technically minded people have notoriously poor communications skills when dealing with non-technically minded senior management. Conversely, many senior managers through a lack of understanding, pay little attention to the concerns of their technical staff. This inevitably leads to a communications breakdown that can ultimately lead to serious breaches of corporate security.

As a former CEO of a large International corporation once put it, “technology is a wonderful thing, but you have to understand what a pound (GBP) is…”.

Words we live by. But equally not protecting your investment and infrastructure can have disastrous effects on your business, and therefore also deserves adequate consideration.

Our Consultants

Recruiting and retaining specialist security personnel is a significant challenge.
This is true, not just from a technical skills perspective, but also from a financial one.

Esix have a ready-made team of industry specialists within a broad range of security disciplines, including network infrastructure, programming and database design, remote access services, encryption, disaster recovery, virtualisation deployment, forensics and fraud investigation.

This enables our consultants to undertake new projects and “hit the ground running”, saving any organisation valuable time, and ultimately money.

As the computer industry matures and our dependence on our IT infrastructure increases, it is necessary to have a professional body to oversee the industry and ensure that fully qualified professionals can practice at a senior level. This has been true in the accounting, engineering and building industries for many years.

All our consultants have attained and qualified as Chartered Members of the British Computer Society, which sets the “Gold Standard” of IT professionalism.

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