The Esix Cloud - Remote Access Service

Esix CloudThe Esix Cloud Remote Access Service provides everything you need to access your home or business network, from hotels, or wherever you travel. What’s more, you can access your entire network using a PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet and even a Smart Phone.

Never again will you be without that important document, photo or presentation you forgot to copy to your device.

With our Cloud Remote Access Service, you can securely access your entire home or business network, not just remotely control your PC or Mac. Therefore you can directly access your files and folders, pr inters, IP network cameras, home automation systems, even TV streaming devices such as a Slingbox connected to your Satellite TV.

The Esix Cloud Remote Access Service provides a secure alternative to storing sensitive information on insecure public servers like Cloud storage services. It is ideal for home users, for professional organizations and anyone that values the confidentiality and security of their information.

With our Cloud Remote Access Service, you simply connect to your home or office network using a network access client, available for almost every device currently on the market. You can then use your network just as if you were connected locally.

Once our Cloud Remote Access software is installed, you manage your Esix Cloud using a simple web interface. You can add new users or remove access to your network in just a few seconds.

The Esix Cloud Remote Access Service is available to customers anywhere in the world.


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