HNWI & VIP Clients

HNWI & VIP ClientsAt Esix, we understand that your privacy and security are of paramount importance to you.

As a high profile individual, your lifestyle means that you travel regularly and often need to use an unsecured Internet connection and mobile devices.

You also need to have secure access to your personal files and folders, your video surveillance equipment, and other home or office resources.

We all use mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and tablets, and assume that they are secure.  However, recent media revelations have shown that high profile personalities are being regularly targeted by hackers and the media, and that cloud services and even search engines, are not as secure as people think.

Furthermore, many people have security cameras installed on their premises that are open to the Internet and are increasing being targeted by hackers. What better way to invade your privacy than to use your own security equipment against you?

As a specialist IT security consultancy, Esix provides a worldwide personal service tailored specifically for HNWI and VIP clients. Our extensive experience working within the defence and government sectors, provides us with not only a unique perspective on personal security, but also on the need for discretion and confidentiality of information.

We will travel to your location and work onsite with you to evaluate the security measures that are already in place, and to identify areas of vulnerability.

In the same way that many banks operate Private Banking services, we operate a closed Remote Access VPN network to allow our private clients to access their home and office networks and the Internet, securely from almost anywhere in the world. For more information please read our Private Remote Access VPN service page.

For a strictly confidential discussion, please contact us on +350 200 69963 or use our contact page.

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